Rotate your tyres



Tyre wear and tear is natural part of driving, unfortunately. Since most cars are front-engine cars, the front axle bears more weight than the rear axle. This means your front tyres wear quicker than your back tyres.

There are also other causes of uneven wear, like:

  • Turning left. Most interchanges and parking ramps require you to turn left. Left turns are tighter than right turns, causing your right front tyre to wear out faster than the left.
  • Sidewall damage. The sidewalls on your left tyres are more likely to get bumped and rubbed against the pavement when parking your car. This can cause asymmetric sidewall wear.
  • Braking. Heavy, sudden and frequent braking can add stress to your front tyres

What can you do about it?

Rotating your tyres will help ensure even tread wear, allowing them to last longer. Rotation entails swopping the back and front tyres around first, and then swopping the left and right front tyres.
Depending on the type of car you drive, we typically recommend you do this every 10,000 km