Punctures and Reparies


It is normal for a tyre to lose air over time – even for brand-new tyres that are properly inflated and don’t have a puncture.

But if you’re having to pump your tyres more often than expected, it could point to a more serious problem, like:

  • A damaged wheel.
  • A damaged valve stem.
  • A punctured tyre.
  • Improper installation of the tyre.

Driving with a flat tyre can be very dangerous. It can also damage the wheel, the hub assembly, as well as the parts that come in contact with the road surface.
Controlling your car will also be difficult, especially when driving at higher speeds.

What can you do about it?

It is impossible to tell if there’s a tyre puncture by just looking at the wheel. You’ll need to get your tyre thoroughly inspected, inside and out – this can be done at any Tiger Wheel & Tyre store.
If there is a puncture, we don’t recommend plugging it as a long-term solution. Plugs can be unreliable and cause further damage to your tyre. That is why we recommend replacing the damaged tyre in most cases.